We keep on hearing that for optimum productivity, wellbeing and creativity at work you need flexibility in types of working spaces. Think of space dedicated for focused work, meetings, break out areas, in which you are free to choose which one to use depending on your need.

While you are moving around in that workspace there are also tools which can aid you in generating more focus, stimulate collaborative meetings, give you some down-time, or provide a sense of privacy.  We’ve listed some of our favourites below: Read more


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This is the time of year the Dutch call ‘de donkere dagen voor kerst’ or the dark days before Christmas. It is the time of year that it will not get light until 8 or 9 am and the day ends at 4 pm. We have cloudy weather most of the time, so we do not get to see so much sun these days. To avoid getting too dark over here we thought to shine a light for you all. Ticking this image at the back of your PROOFF #004 Niche for 2 or 3 times and the roof will light up your space and give you energy to talk, read, concentrate or have a meeting. Have a great rush towards the end of 2015! Read more


In January the captains of the world got to experience our #001 EarChairs at the World Economic Forum in Davos inside the TechCrunch church!  Read more


We wish you all a happy, playful and inspiring new year! Looking back we see a year with beautiful projects, new products,  inspiring events and nice people. Meeting you has been a great pleasure. We thank you for being part of our growing community. So, we can say this: we are definitely looking forward to the year ahead! Read more


What do we need to say more... Our partner Living Edge is showing us how they use PROOFF's #005 SitTable in their  workspace in Sydney. One table giving shape to 3 situations. The SitTable as a working place as well as a social meeting ground. Downunder, the hybrid form of the SitTable offers a fresh approach to the discipline of spatial organization. But there is more to it: Living Edge has more PROOFF's concepts for the progressive office in their offices and showrooms. Looking for inspiration for your working landscape? Read more


2016 signifies our 10 year anniversary, as PROOFF was launched at the 2006 Biennale Interieur (Kortrijk). To celebrate this we’d love to share our insights and inspiration on the progressive and innovative workspace with you. All in list form, because who doesn't love a good list! Celebrate with us using #PROOFF10 Read more


PROOFF is proud to be supporting the exhibition SuperLandEscapes @ ramfoundation Rotterdam. SuperLandEscapes will open the 10th of January and is  a challenging interdisciplinary exhibition curated by Studio Makkink & Bey. The programme showcases the work of Studio Makkink & Bey together with a keen selection of talented alumni of Design Academy Eindhoven and Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam. Read more


Eidsiva broadband AS offers broadband access via its own infrastructure to customers in the residential and business market. The management decided to take a next step in its efforts to raise employee satisfaction and decided to conduct a comprehensive change to activity based working (ABW). Objective: to become the best workplace in Norway! PROOFF #001 EarChair and #002 WorkSofa were chosen in the interior concept. And we can only agree when looking at the results: they've reached their objective.  Read more