Ben van Berkel and his team over at UNStudio work on the intersection of urban planning, architecture, interior design and product design. Since its inception in 1988 UNStudio works globally and produces a wide array of work ranging from public buildings to infrastructure, from offices to residential spaces and from products to urban masterplans. Read more


Showcasing our view on the ever-changing working landscape, furniture collection and launching the VR workspace we made in collaboration with UNStudio at Clerkenwell Design Week 2016 was a great succes.  We loved getting your feedback, sharing ideas about the future office and seeing how you enjoyed being transported to the virtual world of workspace.  Read more


Whilst our PROOFF offices are open year round, our Dutch manufacturers will take some well-deserved time off this summer.

Production of our collection will not take place in weeks 30, 31 and 32 (22nd of July till 12th of August 2016). This may influence our lead times and we will inform you accordingly. For any concerns or questions contact Esther Read more


Come on over to Design District (Zaandam, NL) where SV, our partner in The Netherlands, is showcasing the #010 BeTween and the #007 OffSize at stand number V42. 

Get your free ticket here Read more


This is your chance to discover a Virtual Reality workspace merged with PROOFF's innovative furniture concepts at Clerkenwell Design Week in London.

Meet us there and find out how our furniture solutions can support you in designing a progressive and inspiring work environment.

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Experiencing our furniture this year at Clerkenwell Design Week (24-26 May, London)  will be a true feast for all the senses. Nestle yourself in the EarChair, WorkSofa and OffSize covered in FEBRIK’s 3D knitted textiles.
From the smooth 
Uniform Melange to the multi-layered SprinklesFEBRIK utilizes the latest technical advancements for their top-notch quality textiles.  Read more


Come meet us at Clerkenwell Design Week (24-26 May, London) and experience the world of Virtual Reality (VR) workspace design merged with the physical experience of our furniture conceptsRead more


Besides the PROOFF presentation over at Design Fields, PROOFFLab and PROOFFLab Magazine are also present at Clerkenwell Design Week 2016. Read more


For 10 years now PROOFF has been an early-mover in the world of innovative spatial furniture design and we continue to push the boundaries with thought provoking views on the future of workspaces.

Who played a pivotal role in how and where we worked in the past? Who is impacting the workspace of today. And who are the ones to watch when you are talking about the future office? We asked several key influencers for their favourites.  Read more


We are excited to announce that we'll be exhibiting at Clerkenwell Design Week, 24-26 May in London, for the 5th year in a row.
Not to be missed: we'll be launching a ''phygital'' project, merging the physical and digital world of workspace and furniture design, in collaboration with UNStudio Read more