Trends from Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017

At PROOFF we're quite spoiled when it comes to seeing new special workspace furniture designs. Nevertheless, we enjoyed visiting the Stockholm Furniture Fair of 2017 and meeting up with our Scandinavian partners: Kontorrama, Isku, Lindelof & Mono CPH. 

Besides the usual minimalistic design pieces and a lot of hand-crafted wooden furniture like true Scandinavian style we also spotted these emerging trends: 

The new standard

Although traditional sit-stand desks were widely represented we were keen seeing young designers putting a spin on things. Like the Standing Green table including greenery (by students from University of Gavle) for that jungle fever at work. And the flat-pack hybrid Wedge by students of the Royal Art Academy of Denmark. Both of these reminisce of the benefits the #008 StandTable and #009 StandAlone bring to the workspace: injecting versatility, stimulating collaboration and holding space for privacy. 

Muted colour palette

It looked like the interior designers and architects designing the booths had taken a communal trip into the Swedish pine forest enjoying smoked salmon whilst watching the peachy glow of the sky at sundown. We saw a lot of muted greens ranging from soft mints to dark, almost grey-like, greens and every colour in between pale pink to warm but restrained coral. Did you know that the #002 WorkSofa is the perfect modular sofa to bring forth this palette? When combining multiple fabric qualities and colours the design will totally emulate that custom feel.

From nowhere land to island life 

Making sense of third spaces is a growing trend in the workspace, adding usable space to any office. Try transforming corridors and desolate spaces into break-out areas with furniture popping up like islands. The #007 OffSize fits perfectly into this trend, with the elements all aimed at provoking informal meet-ups and co-creation sessions in spaces otherwise not efficiently in use. 

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