Focus for a minute. Wait. Make it useful. Together or by yourself. Get the most out of your time with less.
    by Studio Makkink & Bey

    #006 SideSeat

    PROOFF #006 SideSeat has been designed to present a solution to the blending of work and leisure, public and private. How do you provide an environment which allows for changes in work focus and accommodates a full capacity workforce at the same time? How do you ensure that your visitor is free to decide how he spends his waiting time? The SideSeat provides a solution: a self-contained desk, cupboard and chair which moves with you taking only one m2 of space.

    It is a balanced piece of furniture, designed by Studio Makkink & Bey, made using high quality materials. A compact workstation featuring functional elements which sit separately but together creating a flexible space where one can work, wait, read, call or train. A welcoming gesture to your visitor. A stimulus for creativity and focus. It not only encourages users to be interactive and flexible with their working space, but creates privacy in an otherwise public area as well.

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