Cradled in an open space. Into the silence. Inviting, comfortable and practical.
    design by Axia Design

    #004 Niche

    Together or alone, with a colleague, a client or acquaintance, Niche offers the perfect environment to hold one's meetings. The Niche facilitates this possibility in exposed public space. The idea for this design is inspired by the object of a 'sheath' or 'enveloping structure' which allows the user to immerse oneself in total concentration within an open public space. The early sketches of Niche by AXIA Design outline not only its functionality but also its natural qualities by incorporating a soft and organic approach to its design.

    Form follows function as the sober beauty of Niche adapts easily to many different environments. Experience the Niche as you are embraced and the world around you fades away. Opening up the possibility of comfort and security, it allows you the control and the concentration you need in your meetings.

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