Stand up. Join in. Chat. Drop by. Enjoy the movement.
    by Ben van Berkel, UNStudio

    #008 StandTable

    Standing up is moving forward, that’s the philosophy of PROOFF #008 StandTable by UNStudio's Ben van Berkel. At the table, people connect. Unexpected collaborations can be sparked effortlessly and face-to-face interactions invite you to meet, speak, laugh and learn.

    And if you want to work alone? Please stand up too! PROOFF #008 StandTable invites you to occupy your private space in the public area. USB charging points and a storage compartment make it a good place to stay for a while. It provides a real workplace for two or three persons likewise accommodating a comfortable place to consult for four and more. With optional integrated casters for effortlessly moving the StandTable around

    Standing while working is preferable to hours spent in sedentary positions. PROOFF #008 StandTable encourages user flexibility and improves performance and health. The three compartments with surfaces of different material and height (90 cm, 100 cm and 110 cm) stimulate the users to work in different positions and to fully occupy the circular space around them. It suits all public spaces where you would want people to meet or work a bit for a while. Think of hotel lobbies, transition areas, health care centers, libraries and universities.

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