Safe haven. Feel the silence. A moment of privacy.
    by Axia Design

    #009 StandAlone

    Resembling a comfortable coat protecting you from all the daily office bustle. PROOFF #009 StandAlone, created by AXIA Design,  shepherds you and has your back while you focus on your laptop, tablet or phone call. The roof rounds off the experience, allowing you to slide easily into your own world for a short while. The standing position keeps you fit for an outstanding performance.

    Multiple StandAlones together resemble trees and an airy office ‘forest’ arises. Doing what nature does to you: giving you tranquillity and room to breathe. Each in one’s own cocoon. Stepping out only for a brief meeting with your fellow woodsman and heading back into seclusion again, to bring your ideas further.

    The PROOFF #009 StandAlone only takes 1 m2 of space and is equipped with a worksheet, a charging point and lighting are optional. It offers the perfect means to duck out at the office and in public spaces like restaurants and hotel lobbies, transition areas, health care centers, universities and libraries.

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