Find your place. Move. Stay curious.
    by Studio Makkink & Bey

    #010 BeTween

    Are you aware that true beauty often lies in the space between things? Beauty that moves you, that provokes and interacts. PROOFF #010 BeTween does just that. It is a landscape within your environment, be it your working place or a public space. A tree-like shape inciting the imagination of its users. BeTween is a landmark attracting people to a part of the space, like birds on a branch.

    The trunk performs as a seat with a branch to lean against or rest your laptop on. The tree seat helps transform an entrance hall into a public landscape, providing people waiting with comfort. PROOFF #010 BeTween consists of 3 parts, each upholstered in a different fabric and colour. Upright, the waiting bench mimics a tree, but when pulled down, it becomes playful room divider, desk or bench. Individually the elements become a desk, chair, side table or pouf. 

    The design of Studio Makkink & Bey is the result of a study on the changing office landscape and movement of people. #010 BeTween is an invaluable asset in work environments and public spaces like hotel lobbies, transition areas, brainstorm rooms, health care centers, universities and libraries.

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