Hotel Dupanloup - University of Orléans, France
Orléans, France

CLIENT: Hotel Dupanloup - University of Orléans, France


COMPLETION: 2014-07-31



The French Artistic Nationale Comission has asked Studio Makkink & Bey for the Public Artistic Comission of the old Bishop House, Hotel Dupanloup. With the implementation of the International Research Center of the University of Orléans in the 17th century building, 

A full restauration of the building was necessary, in which the old Bishop House revealed the layers of time. Together with a perspective on the history of the city of Orléans and its University, one of the oldest in France, Studio Makkink & Bey created the ''Dupanloup language''.


It's a place to study, meet, discuss, exchange knowledge, present, talk, think, learn, experience. A place for and about knowledge on a variety of topics. A place where new ideas are welcomed and investigated. A place where the future is developed, with roots in the past. A place like that needs a composition that is inspiring its inhabitants, where voices from past, present and future meet. Antique pieces are scattered through the rooms reflecting the past. New furniture pieces like Prooff WorkSofa, EarChair and SideSeat inspire and stimulate the functions of today and tomorrow.


The rooms were developed through different ways of talking, Using furnitures almost like letters of a new alphabet. As a “floral border in garden” it re-interprates the art of heraldry, Laying out on carpets and curtains that creates a room into the room. Rooms full of voices from the past, present and future, still talking even when no one is there.


Connected to education, Studio Makkink & Bey invited 10 students from the School of Design of Orléans for a Summer Workshop to interfere with white pieces of Ikea through personnalities of the city. Scattered antique pieces are spread out through the Palais reflecting a different time. Prooff's Worksofa and EarChair are dressed-up with new colors and a Dupanloup chair and table were specially designed for the place. Connecting with strong cultural institutions such as the Fine Art Museum, the Frac Centre and the House of Jeanne d’Arc, the interior is a project born from its territory.




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