REA Group, Australia
Richmond, Australia

CLIENT: REA Group, Australia

LOCATION: Richmond

COMPLETION: 2014-10-01

PHOTOS: Nicole England



The designers from futurespace worked closely with REA Group to deliver the world’s most agile working environment which supports this dynamic online business. The corporate headquarters of this real estate and digital media giant in Melbourne, Australia, had outgrown its previous office space and had been searching for a new home that would energise staff and free them from the constraints of legacy technology and workspaces. 


REA Group and the team at futurespace focused on flexibility in the workspace. Together they fused flexibility, the foundation of activity based working (ABW), with agility into ‘neighbourhood based working’ or NBW to future-proof their workplace.

The design of different spaces, nooks and crannies near a central marketplace and main street was a strategy to “multiply random bump-in factor and interaction between neighbourhoods.” The idea being that increased opportunities for the 560 staff to connect and communicate helps foster innovation.


3 SitTables and 2 sets of WorkSofa elements were integrated into this innovative and agile-driven office design. They too offer more choice and enable the different types of work and needs of the staff in a space.


As a space-saving multifunctional furniture design the SitTable (design by Ben van Berkel | UNStudio) fits perfect into the agile workspace. The hybrid design provides ample space for you to work alone, in multiple smaller teams or to gather the whole office around the table. The SitTable sets an informal stage to do focus work, have meetings, collaborate together and it becomes the heart of the organisation. You see this in the space design for REA Group as well: the 3 SitTables are centrally located in open areas and are being used in various ways. 


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