Why we showcased the VR workspace


For 10 years now Prooff has been an early-mover in the world of innovative spatial furniture design and we continue to push the boundaries with thought provoking views on the future of workspaces. This time we investigate a combination of the physical with innovative and disruptive VR technology.


Prooff embraces technological breakthroughs, such as VR and Augmented Reality, as we believe they will continue to change the way we work, with whom and where. Additionally we firmly believe that people will continue to need to connect in the physical, offline world, and this is where our furniture solutions come in.

For this first exploration into the world of VR leading architectural design practice UNStudio is the right partner for Prooff. Their studio works on the intersection of urban planning, architecture, interior design and product design. Together we are researching the paradigm shift of the next generation of workers and the impact it will have on the design of the working environment and furniture concepts. UNStudio has developed a VR experience free of the constraints that regular design processes face, taking workspace design to the next level.


With the launch of Prooff & UNStudio’s VR experience we want to apply this cutting edge technique to trigger alternative ways of thinking about the workspace, while simultaneously examining the potential it holds for architecture firms, interior designers, design & build companies and their clients. Integrating the many possibilities of VR will ignite a pivotal change in the concept-to-creation process: from wowing the client with virtual walkthroughs to seeing the design from every angle. VR delivers a true sense of scale, making the designed space more tangible and ultimately simplifies the decision making process. In turn this will boost inspiring and highly functional workplaces. 


Furthermore we showcased the EarChair, WorkSofa, Niche and OffSize for people to fully immerse in the realm of virtual workspaces. 

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