1. Handwritten digital notes

Although much of our communications play out digitally, we keep on making these to do lists and initial design plans on paper. How much easier would life be if you could digitize all those mental notes in a sec. Here’s where the hand crafted Stylography by Orée Artisans come in, instantly digitize and share your notes and drawings with anyone via the app.


2. Boundless brainstorms

Turn your office into one giant brainstorm room with IdeaPaint. This Boston based company created magnetic clear dry-erase paint, which you can cover about any surface with! Chalkboard walls are so 2015!


3. Keep it moving

Move your body and your mind with our OffSize elements. Small in size, fits anywhere, perfect for hallways and to get some vibrancy going in obsolete areas. Very comfortable because of soft padded edges with foam and your choice of fabric. Meet each other or have a moment to yourself, whatever suits you!

4. Up your energy

We spend a lot of hours indoors with fluorescent lighting looking at that computer screen, which zaps a lot of energy. With a little help from the compact Philips Energy Up daylight lamp your spirits will be lifted and helps you to sleep better at night. Use it at breakfast or having it on for 20 minutes at your desk. Also perfect for releasing that jet-lagged feeling when you are a frequent flyer!


5. Urban jungle

For that much needed fresh air feeling and zen-vibe plants are the must-have for any office environment. But when you, or the facility manager, might not want the fuss (water, care, light) have a look at the mossy vertical gardens by Stylegreen. 100% natural, providing better acoustics and a calm atmosphere, what is not to like about green walls!


6. On the grind

Great coffee is still not a certainty at most workspaces. While coffee runs are quite common in hubs like London and New York, they aren’t in The Netherlands. That is why we suggest the AeroPress Coffee Maker. Take this little gadget with you, add a cup, hot water and some good quality ground coffee and there you go: great coffee, anywhere you work!

7. Sit, Stand, Balance

We see a rise in sit-stand desks, they are the latest craze and for good reason: reducing disease risk and mentally shifting your focus. But what if you don’t have one of those desks, or do and find it tiring to stand? Try out the beautifully designed Level by FluidStance. This board elicits subtle, constant movement below your feet to increase your range of motion and heart rate. Keeping you on your toes.

8. Play pause

Practicing some mindfulness benefits anyone in the workspace! But you don’t need to sit in a zen posture for that. With the app Pause you’ll have a moment of relaxation and meditation just by actively focusing on moving your fingers on the screen, moving the amorphous blob around very gently. No more scattered brains and restlessness… just for a moment!


9. Let’s talk it out

Bad acoustics is one of the biggest frustrations in open plan offices. So in the future let’s talk it out in our PhoneBox. This phone booth can easily be installed on any wall and provides a place for private phone calls in any area, reducing noise levels by 5dB.

10. Day-time down-time

For that much needed power nap while you can’t leave your desk we suggest the cocooning Ostrich Pillow. It is said that power napping increases productivity by 34%, so no shame!


2016 signifies our 10 year anniversary, as Prooff was launched at the 2006 Biennale Interieur (Kortrijk). To celebrate this we’d love to share our insights and inspiration on the progressive and innovative workspace with you. All in list form, because who doesn't love a good list! Celebrate with us using #Prooff10

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