I believe this is the first time you designed a fair stand, what made you say yes to work with Prooff on our Orgatec showcase?
Prooff, and Leo Schouten (director of Prooff) in particular, has proven to be of real significance in the changing office environment. He has shown a distinctive vision on the changing work landscape with a carefully designed collection that answers how people use space and how furniture can contribute to a healthy environment. Prooff’s collection is not trend-sensitive but is designed for long-term use. This attitude fits seamlessly with that of DoepelStrijkers.


What was the idea behind the design of the stand?
Working with Prooff was a fascinating collaboration in which the discussions about how people behave and what people need, in order to grow and feel comfortable, inspired me a lot. For the stand we worked with the concepts of 'reflection 'and 'movement ', which underlie the Prooff collection. Those concepts that can be interpreted literally and figuratively. The figurative meaning of 'reflection' is about thinking, consideration, contemplation, study, meditation, thoughtfulness, that of 'movement' about change, drive, motion, shift, activity. The design of the stand is a spatial translation of reflection and movement. The created environment emphasizes a boundless space that is fed with external influences. An environment in which contemplation is charged by connecting together inside and outside experience and thus man and nature.


What will the people at Orgatec 2018 experience on the Prooff stand?
We decided to play with the element of light on the stand. The light that refers to the changing light during the season and how you experience light during the day. This animated changing of the light on the stand creates an environment which, like nature, is never static. The stand is moving and adapting just like nature. Research has shown that spaces where change, similar to that of change in nature, can be experienced, reduces stress and promotes productivity. Which is so important in the workspace as well. Especially that of wellbeing at work is a big topic these days.


Another hot topic is sustainability, which DoepelStrijkers has a clear focus on in its practice. How was this vision integrated within the stand design?
As an agency that has sustainable design in its DNA, a short-term project, like a stand design that is only live for 5 days, is by definition interesting. You can answer this question in different ways. We could’ve designed a stand that dissolves after 5 days ... However we opted for a stand that has been modularly designed and can easily be reused in the future. The modularity makes it possible to reconfigure the position of the elements in different sizes at different locations. Because we focus on long-term use, durable materials like aluminum are used.


In your opinion what makes Prooff’s collection the best choice to integrate in any interior?
The Prooff collection consists of masterpieces. Each piece in the collection serves an individual or collective activity in a very specific way. They are carefully detailed and materialized products that last a long time. The furniture serves not only the physical experience but also the mental by which the collection seamlessly connects to the need of healthy interiors. With this, the Prooff collection contributes to an acceleration of durable interiors and fits perfectly in a Well Building interior because of its activity and people based approach. The collection is future proof!


Any last words?
I am looking forward to people sharing their experience of the Prooff stand at Orgatec!


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