Photo credit: Scagliola Brakkee


The Municipality of Rotterdam dared to fit out their newest office (designed by OMA) with multiple WorkSofa's and SitTables. The interior design of the 33 office floors was created by Group A and Studio Makkink & Bey and reflects a ‘vertical city’, 

Photo: Rick Geenjaar, Procore


Energy company Nuon introduced their Smart Working concept at their Amsterdam headquarters, where architect Heyligers chose Prooff's SitTable in the entrance area. Offering a warm welcome for guests, but also a place for people to meet, work, discuss and gather.

Photo: Frank van Hanswijk


The iconic EarChair serves its purpose as a semi-private spot for meet-ups and focus-time in the new headquarter of Marine Care. Where HDK Architecten created a transparant office where everything is centered around a communal hub.


Photo: Kristel van Dijk – Shoootz


For their innovation hub ''Kas Lab'', the Kas Bank and architect studio Julia chose the StandTable and OffSizes to boost connectivity, collaboration and creativity. 



Photo: SV


Our Dutch partner SV embraces their slogan ''Different work, Different interiors'' (Anders werken, Anders inrichten) to the max by integrating all the Prooff products like the SitTable all over their workspace. 

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