Business software company SAP worked with the designers at SCOPE to create an office environment for their Walldorf Headquarters that wasn’t stuck in the 1990’s. By removing the insulating cell structure, the new office endorses teamwork. And the EarChairs totally fit the bill.


Logistic software company PTV Group in Karlsruhe worked together with Vollack for their new Campus Zone where interaction zones, reception area, fitness centre and conference rooms were combined. The WorkSofa and EarChair was the best choice for the interaction zone and their renewed people-based-working vision.


Lepel & Lepel designed the new offices of eCommerce company REWE Digital, located in Cologne, by transforming a historic factory building into open plan offices. The EarChair was chosen for the common areas and functions as a meeting hub.


In Hamburg PLY Studio was invited by global brand agency Geometry Global to develop a new 2000 square meter open plan office space. The SitTable embodies the designers vision for an open and accepting working culture that gives employees the feeling of a home away from home.


Henn Architekten was the best partner for Merck's site in Darmstadt, Germany where they redesigned a science campus with spiralling floors. As a stark contrast the sharp-edged EarChair creates semi-private focus spaces alongside the glass facade.


Telecom giant Telefonica had Gensler redo their workspace in München with multiple sets of SitTables & EarChairs to boost collaboration and focus spaces. 

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