PROOFF designs intimate dialogue for public space.

About us

The PROOFF collection was first introduced as an innovative furniture brand in 2006 adopting the ‘the EarChair’ of Jurgen Bey as the #001 product. At Interieur 2008 PROOFF #002, the WorkSofa, designed by Studio Makkink & Bey (NL) was also introduced. The Work Sofa is a flexible piece of furniture that empowers users to sit in whichever way they see fit.

And, the story continues.
During Interieur 2010 three new products will be introduced and shown for the very first time. Studio Axia (BE) designed PROOFF #003 the PhoneBox. This small booth supplies a private and sound-insulating space for people to use their mobile phones in the public space. They also developed PROOFF #004 the Niche, a comfortable sound absorbing sofa with high panels and a cover for private meetings — an oasis of quiet within a private and secure place amidst the busyness of public areas.

PROOFF #005: SitTable by UNStudio
At Interieur 2010 we are proud to present PROOFF #005, the SitTable, designed by UN Studio, Mr. Ben van Berkel (NL). This mixture of table space and seating has been coined as: ‘the longest table for all cultures'. Eventually, it has evolved into a furniture object suitable for everyone, designed to adapt to many different areas and spatial situations. The SitTable is a perfect example of how multiple activities can be brought together in one functional furniture piece, not defining or dictating its use in the first instance, but allowing users the freedom to discover the possibilities along the way.