Our Mission

-Designing solutions for the evolving workspace-

''When provided with the right tools, people can be inspired to bring out the very best in themselves. That is why we exclusively create quality furniture that benefits your company and makes your employees happy in both their work and home environments.''

 -Leo Schouten

A Different light on work

The way of working has been constantly and significantly changing. At Prooff, we have been motivated by Activity Based Working (ABW) and have explored trends in how people work in the evolving workspace. In 2003, we developed our first ABW piece: the EarChair, designed by Jurgen Bey, which has become the icon of New Ways of Working. Additionally, many of our products developed since 2003 are still relevant to this day.

Nowadays, COVID-19 has created another phenomenon of working more frequently from home, which changes the behavior of people in their jobs. Hybrid working seems to be becoming the new standard. Inspiring and motivating employees to perform their jobs properly is now more challenging than ever, in addition to keeping them engaged in the organization and motivating them as individuals.

At Prooff, we collaborate closely with designers, architects, strategists, and scientists. We have developed and continue to develop new modular and multifunctional furniture concepts that improve health and well-being. All Prooff products have their own distinct signature, offering optimal functionality and comfort for the job. We provide specific solutions for privacy (acoustic) needs, as well as solutions for working and functioning as a team in both home and office environments.

Prooff is determined to develop high-quality modular products for users while minimizing our carbon footprint on the planet. All our products are designed to last a long time and are made with high-quality components that can be repaired if damaged. To further achieve our sustainability goals, we limit the use of natural resources and primarily utilize sustainable alternatives. Lastly, our products are manufactured in the Netherlands or in countries in close proximity. In summary, we believe that a better planet starts with high-quality, long-lasting products that are produced locally.