back to basics

Rotterdam - June 2023 

 Dear friends,

Unfortunately, the cross-pollination of the 'analogue' collection and its integration with the 'Prooff' collection has not proven as fruitful in practice as initially anticipated.

As a result, both collections have resumed operating independently. Maarten Heijltjes and Simon Akkaya are once again presenting their table and lighting designs under the label ''.

The Prooff classics, such as Jurgen Bey's EarChair and Ben van Berkel's SitTable, can still be found alongside the rest of the collection on the website.

Furthermore, we are reconsidering some of our products. Besides that, we also expect to introduce new products to the Prooff collection throughout 2023/2024. Naturally, our final choices will prioritize the progressive and innovative nature of Prooff, with a focus on wellbeing and sustainability.

- Leo Schouten